Why I eased out of PSIX

I’m curious though, you didn’t mention PSIX in your post, was that an oversight or have you moved on from them?

Hi cold day, I did move on from PSIX. I eased out of the position gradually over several months when I needed cash to put into other things. I didn’t lose confidence in what the company was doing, however I thought that at 70 times earnings it was just too expensive for a company that was growing earnings at a rate of about 15% or so year over year for the prior six quarters and that there were better places for my money. I put the money into SKX, SWKS, PFIE, AIOCF, a little in AEYE, some even in some of my big positions (BOFI, UBNT) when they had sold off, and some in a new position, ULTI. (The newer positions SKX, SWKS, and ULTI are all MF recommendations one place or another. ULTI is an old rec from 2012).