Why I have a position in AMZN?

I told you a couple of days ago in post #17737. If you want to know why I’m in AMZN, I suggest you read the linked article. Here’s a link to the post:




Mr. Amazon is on this months cover of Fortune magazine as one of the world’s 50 greatest Leaders. Page 70 has Mr. Amazon as # 1.

Plates full, couldn’t buy AMZN on 2/22/16 per the Micky D. Would sell at the Xover.


In review, you guys are doing well with your portfolio’s since February 11, 2016.



A cloud computing/distributed computing guy working at a large industrial company (SIE) here.

I believe the big companies are about half way learning to use the cloud and big data properly. In our company there have been new big data teams and departments popping up each year since about 2010. I know of at least two dozen such teams and new ones are still coming up.

I assume other big companies are similar. I’d say it will take another 5 years or so to weed out the bad ideas (there’s going to be some bumps) but the are is definitely going to grow.

On the other hand small companies should be outsourcing their IT into the cloud pretty steadily.

Amazon is probably the biggest player (trailed by Microsoft and Google) in the field as it has a huge jump start on the traditional providers like IBM or Oracle - it started turning towards what we understand as the modern cloud somewhere around 2002: http://apievangelist.com/2012/01/12/the-secret-to-amazons-su…

IBM for instance announced their intention to develop enterprise cloud services in 2007.

In any case I went into AMZN too.

On the other hand there are a lot of up-and-coming providers that may be able to get a good piece of the pie in the future and don’t have such a high publicity:

  • RAX might be interesting as they are well focused to grow in the field

  • WMT announced their cloud service last year http://www.walmartlabs.com/2015/10/walmartlabs-oneops-open-s… Though they seem to be relatively late to the game their expertise goes back to the 70’s when they had their logistics and bookkeeping digitalized. It’s probably too early to tell how successful it will be though.

  • VMWs stock has been quite low lately, they could have a good position to grow, their brand is well respected among experts

  • CSCO could be in a similar position

  • Fujitsu and Hitachi may claim a good portion of the market

Retired from major aerospace firm headquarters used to be Seattle, now Chicago. I was in IT for 30 years. Went to happy hour with some former colleagues last Thursday. Spoke with the chief cloud architect. The company has pretty much given up on building their own cloud (save for some computer jockeys on the defense side).

Otherwise, pretty solid with AWS but still looking at MS Azure as it keeps on improving and is cheaper than Amazon. They’ll [robably end up with both.

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