Why Open Distro Never Worried Me For Elastic

Elasticsearch is a whole stack of software. Formerly known as Elastic ELK for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana it moved on to include a whole lot of other plugins and add ins like Beats and Canvas so they changed it to the Elastic Stack.

Open Distro currently is some of the AWS lame non production-ready plugins designed to perform some of the functions of a few of the paid features of Elastic. We’ve discussed that in depth. Those features don’t match up. Ok

The biggest and most glaring defect to the Open Distro “stack” is that it’s only Elasticsearch and Kibana. Search and Display. It does not have Logstash or any of the Beats. Nor Canvas, nor any of the other things that make up the Elastic Stack beyond the E and the K. Notably Logstash and Beats are how the Elasticsearch datastore engine ingests data from all over the place to do its thing.

In short it’s an ill equipped half breed.

“It does NOT include Logstash or any of the Beats.”