Will CLDR Results Foretell AYX Results

When CLDR reported quarterly results the results were quite good. However the stock price dropped 40% on the estimates. On 16 April a TMF article, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cloudera-stock-plunges-earnin…, explained that the forecast was culled back not because Cloudera thought they were having competitive pressures (that would have been nice if AYX was the guilty party) but instead because Cloudera said they were going to have to shift their marketing thrust from getting new customers to upselling the existing customers. Author Billy Duberstein (whom I do not recall) had this to say The explanation given by management is fairly concerning for several reasons. One, Cloudera has a “land and expand” business model, where I (and apparently others) had assumed that the bulk of Cloudera’s sales force, which is the company’s largest operating expense, was deployed toward landing, new customers, and that the expand would come from increased usage without much extra effort. Apparently, the “expand” part of the equation actually requires more sales and marketing than previously thought. I am curious as to whether AYX will have a similar story. I did not experience a similiar drop out of “contagion” when the larger Cloudera reported.



They are not really competitors.

You collect the data in cloudera and then make it actionable via Alteryx.




CLDR dropped because they revealed that their great customer retention rate they had been touting was misleading as it wasn’t for all their customers but just their best customers. AYX customer retention rate is in the ?130% if I recall? Something ridiculously good. If I’m leading a company with that customer retention rate, I go all-in gungho in my land and expand strategy.

Not sure what else we can do. No hint of AYX misleading us as of yet. If they are then the stock will plummet. Any way we can investigate this?
At the moment, you either believe AYX management and hold/buy, or you don’t and sell.