Will Struggling EV Corp Canoo Survive?

They are burning through cash. They reported $125 loss in the first quarter of 2022.
WalMart gave the breath of life in July of this year by ordering 10,000 of its vans.
Zeeba in October followed with binding commitment of 3,000 units with an option for 2,500 more.

Until now, Canoo has been contract-manufacturing its EVs with production capabilities capped at around 10,000 units. In its next phase, Canoo plans to manufacture in-house, with the ability to scale production as needed.

What makes Canoodled unique is their 1)van-pictures at the link below.
2)Canoo subscription model:
the Canoo is also unique in that it is a subscription-based EV. The Canoo membership will offer a month-to-month and commitment-free alternative to owning or leasing a car.

Canoo members will receive 24/7 access to their personal Canoo, as well as additional services like charging, maintenance, and insurance. All these features would be included for a single monthly payment. Canoo has not yet revealed what this subscription model may run you each month.

Obviously the price will be the determining factor whether consumers rush to rent a Canoo van.

Canoo hope to tap into the EV commercial market with its van and its MPDV, an all-purpose, modular delivery van.
That market may be more lucrative the the private/personal market. But the competition will be stiff.

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