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Take time to read the first of the now fifteen #FSBLetters as translated by Igor Sushko on Twitter.

What are the #FSBLetters?

Vladimir Osechkin is one of the world’s best-known Russian emigres. The Russian government has placed a price on his head.

Vladimir is a human rights activist who spoke out against state-sanctioned torture in Russian prisons, especially against opponents of Vladimir Putin.

In 2015, an active member of the FSB, who harbors anti-torture sentiments and who goes by the nom de plume hashtag, #WindofChange, sent Osechkin an entire file from the FSB which showed conscious construction of a false case against Osechkin built around fake charges of corruptions.

This voice inside the FSB told Osechkin to leave Russia ASAP before Putin’s goons could break down his door on trumped-up charges, which would result in his arrest.

Osechkin immediately moved to France and applied for - and was granted - asylum.

Over the next seven years, #WindOfChange would send Osechkin shocking reports written by the FSB, which shared videos, audio, photos, and word communications between the prison directors, compliant upper FSB directors, and Putin’s henchmen.

Osechkin would then repost #WindOfChange’s documents on Facebook in their original Cyrillic alphabet and could not find a decent Russian to English translator, as all the “machine” based translators were way off the mark defining “intent” in #WindOfChange’s words.

Hence, no Western Media ever paid attention to Osechkin’s work as it was hard to decipher.

And then Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

Right after that, #WindOfChange and Osechkin, now best pen pals devoted to human rights causes inside Russia, switched their focus to the invasion. Immediately, #WindOfChange told Osechkin how the attack on Ukraine - which the FSB was warning against - went ahead with no one in Putin’s cabinet listening to their intelligence services. When February 24th rolled around, the FSB was unaware the invasion would occur. On March 5th, Twitter began reading the first of the #FSBLetters, and in that letter, we learned how Putin was already - within a week - blaming the stymied deNazification of Ukraine on the FSB.

We learn in Letter #1 the stress Putin’s aggression placed on his intelligence service and the military. Much of what #WindOfChange posted early on predicted what would happen in Ukraine - and more importantly - in the FSB.

So this is how the #FSBletters became a smash read on Twitter:

#WindOfChange is still inside the FSB pumping intel to his pen pal, Vladimir Osechkin, somewhere in France. Although Putin’s private security force arrested 200 FSB members after marching them out of 20 FSB buildings across Russia, #WindOfChange - who predicted this purge a week before it happened - has protected his anonymity well. Igor Rushko, Vladimir Osechkin, and #WinfOfChange are now taking extra steps to keep their lines of communication clear and secure.

#WindOfChange has posted 15 “letters” to Vladimir Osechkin concerning Ukraine. And it was the first letter that Igor Sushko, a Russian-American race car driver, read and translated so eloquently that 30 million people have read his first thread about that first letter on Twitter. (The thread was picked up by people on Twitter and then blasted on Facebook, Instagram, telegram, etc.)

Sushko was born in Kyiv. He has lived in Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Japan, and finally, the USA, where we are lucky to have this young man as a new citizen.

Sushko still has family living inside Ukraine.

And back on March 5th, he had only about 200 followers on Twitter. A little over a month later, Igor has 87,000 followers, and many of them are notable people from all over the world.

Igor’s fame exploded on March 5th with his first Twitter thread under the hashtag #FSBLetters where he translated what Osechkin, the human rights activist, had placed on Facebook, and Igor took those 2000 Cyrillic words (from #WindOfChange) and posted it as a thread on Twitter in clear, concise English.

Within the day of publishing that first #FSBLetters, notable people such as Alexander Vindman, Gary Kasparov, politicians and ambassadors from around the world, and very late to the stage - a whole mess of Western Reporters - were retweeting this first of the #FSB Letters which probably today have 40 million impressions as more people learn about their import.

Igor is publishing #WindOfChange/Osechkin’s 15th #FSBLetters tonight (which deals with Russia painting huge Vs and Zs on sides of high-rise buildings inside Russia near the Ukraine border.)

Tonight’s letter, still being translated, shows that Russia is prepping to plant a “false flag” attack on one or more of these buildings, blame it on Ukraine, and then use the pretext for an all-out assault in Ukraine’s East, where they will take no prisoners and kill everything that moves.

Igor Sushko is a person you want to follow on Twitter. @igorsushko is ID. I read all the #FSBLetters he translates, and I’ve got to say that much of what #WindOfChange predicts comes true. Sometimes within a few days. Sometimes in hours.

And with that intro, I will link you to the first thread which got this all started, Letter No. 1 of #FSBLetters.

I’ll add the other 14 links in the future, and I’ll be putting them all together here and eventually have a nicely tabled bunch of links to each letter with a short description for each.

But this Letter #1 is to whet your appetite. Look at the date, 5 MAR 22

Make a note that when #WindOfChange saved Osechkin’s life by urging him to leave Russia and by sending him the dossier of bogus charges being constructed against him that these two men have now blossomed into “best pen pals” who were on the side of Human Rights, working to stop the torture of Putin’s political prisoners in hell hole gulags.

With Igor Sushko’s top-notch translating, What has blossomed since has made #WindOfChange, and Osechkin exuberant about the exposure Sushko has given them on Twitter. Every day, Western reporters call Osechkin in France for interviews. Every day, some ambassador or politician calls Osechkin to learn how they can help distribute #WindOfChange words as translated by Sushko.

Okay, enough background on these three men who are offering the world an in-depth look inside Russia, Putin’s mind, the vibes in the FSB, and the Russian military. All of this is a godsend to Western Intelligence Agencies. As a citizen of the United States, I think you must know just how frotting sick Vladimir Putin is. He certainly isn’t stable. And Putin is far from being a genius. He’s just a ruthless psychopath enamored by his dangerous Narcissism.

Here is Letter #1 of the #FSB Letters


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Letter #2 in #FSBLetters . . . This is powerful stuff about Putin’s background as known by his FSB. The disparaging remarks about Putin would be a death sentence for #WindOfChange should his identity be outed.

Also in this thread, great commentary about how leaders in Russia - and especially Putin, always with Putin - go out of their way to avoid accountability for frack ups leading to this mess in Ukraine:


My translation of the 2nd letter in the series from an active FSB analyst to Vladimir Osechkin, Russian human rights activist exiled in France. Written 1 day later on March 5th. Buckle up for a long thread and definitely please share far & wide. The text is over 1000 words.
10:35 PM · Mar 9, 2022·Twitter Web App

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Letter #3 in #FSBLetters . . . The analyst inside of the FSB, #WindOfChange, gives us a laser-like incisive view of what working at the FSB has been like now that they are in “crisis” mode.

Inside this info-filled thread, at how the FSB really works, we also learn #WindOfChange reporting on the #FSB as an inside analyst (as being translated by Igor Sushko), uncorks such quotes as the following tweet in this thread:

“A catastrophe as a condition is characterized by “it will not be as it was, and how it will be, we will not know until it happens.””

4:18 AM · Mar 10, 2022·Twitter Web App


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Two more tweet quotes from Letter #3 from #FSBLetters.

Igor Sushko
Mar 10
Analysts should not have emotions. There are forecast models, there are statistics, there is sociology. “Believe or don’t believe” should not exist (in his line of work). But it exists.
Igor Sushko
Mar 10
And those who are ready to nod and say “We will find a solution and solve the problem” are the ones climbing the ladder. Problems from such an approach are only piling up.

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