Windstream extends to NJ

The New Jersey Fibre exchange tweeted that Windstream has extended their network to the NJFX datacenter.

They didn’t call out the use of CloudXpress in their network explicitly, but they did link to the original article that did. I’ve copied the section which describes the NJFX hub as being next in line.

Windstream is also extending its 100G network to NJFX’s carrier-neutral data center in Wall Township, N.J., giving customers a new express route into its 21715 Filigree Court point of presence (POP) in Ashburn, Va. This connection will give both Windstream and NJFX customers’ access to the Ashburn area’s Internet hub, one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world.

The new data center connections in Chicago and Virginia are also supported by a long-haul fiber rout that includes a set of new diverse 500G routes to Miami and from Denver to Chicago and Dallas.

Here is a link to the the tweet from NJFX:…