Wired: How To Make Studio Grade Videos

Wired Headline: The Gear and Tips You Need to Make Studio-Grade Videos at Home

Sub-headline: We tested microphones, tripods, lights, teleprompters, and other tools for more than two years. These are our favorites.


WITH THE RIGHT idea and execution, you can make a good video with just about any gear. However, there’s a reason professionals use expensive equipment. You can get more control and more creative options with better gear. And best of all, it’s never been easier or more acceptable to upgrade your studio, even if it’s inside your home.

These days, a smartphone will do the job well enough. But having great gear makes creating a professional-looking video much easier. We have some general tips and buying advice to help you get started. Our team has spent years testing photo- and video-making equipment (and making our own videos), using a variety of tripods, lights, microphones, and cameras. These are our favorites.

Updated August 2022: We’ve refreshed links throughout this guide and added new recommendations, like the Zhiyun gimbals.