With Bitcoin nearing $70K, Blockchain-enabled Decentalized Science is next horizon

Decentralized science (DeSci) | ethereum.org

I noticed that the defrocked CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, who was recently hit with a $4.3 Billion IRS fine, is promoting the DeSci space.

Changpeng Zhao’s next move could involve decentralized science (cointelegraph.com)



“Decentralization changes this — patients, researchers, parents of children with rare diseases and enthusiasts can contribute funding, work and data to projects in a more open-source way, and be incentivized and rewarded with governance and ownership in projects. This allows for genuinely novel ways to collaborate and develop biotechnology that is fundamentally aligned with cures,” he said.

The great thing about the blockchain/decentralization hype train is you just come up with a word salad of things that sound good, and Bingo! you have a monetizable token!

The irony here is that CZ made his billions by centralizing decentralized finance.


Exactly! Fortunes are made by collecting a commission or fee from a large number of poorly educated customers, rather than investing in the asset itself and betting on the price appreciation.

The "skim-free’ return on a low-cost index fund is one of the few exceptions.


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Nothing changes. Although this is a distraction from making USD.