Wolfspeed (Semiconductors) $WOLF
(a manufacturer of engineered materials and optoelectrical components)

Revenues of $228.50M were up 56% from a year ago
Share Price up 30% Aug 18

Wolfspeed: taking aim at the EV market


As a long term shareholder in CREE / Wolfspeed, after the recent announcement of the new factory in my community (Chatham County NC), I thought Iā€™d return to paying closer attention. So I tuned in for the Annual Shareholders Meeting today, virtually. I was shocked that no one asked any questions!

Is anyone else in the Fool community watching $WOLF?

The other company I track very closely is TSLA, and they have hundreds of people lined up with questions for every meeting. Rather surprised at the sound of crickets chirping on the $WOLF call.