Wood Stove Blackening

Finally got around to applying stove black on our rusting wood stove. Admit that I was a bit frazzled at the description of having windows open during the first burn, envisioning billowing clouds of stinky black fumes emanating off the hot stove. In truth it was more like having a room full of burning candles as the wax smoked off of the hot stove. Looks amazing and I wish I had done it a long time ago. Sadly the before picture I found was taken more at a distance and I can’t see how to zoom in so you can see all the rust that got covered up.


Gee, the shafts of the air-vent studs are looking a bit red…

(Really though, nice job.)

Indeed. I had to choose between perfect and good enough for now. It will be perfect when I do it next year in preparation for sale, if we go that route. For now it’s decently protected and I feel more confident I can do an even better job next time.


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