Work-from-home impacting major office space usage

Wells Fargo has their home mortgage processing facilities near me. They are moving (not letting go) employees at the large facility near me PLUS another site they rent in south suburbia. They will sell the site near here, so not sure what will happen to it. They will use another facility in the north suburban area.


It is unusual:

“The company told employees Monday that by mid-2024, a majority of Wells Fargo’s non-customer-facing employees will work out of three locations, two in downtown Minneapolis and one in Shoreview…Wells Fargo’s move into downtown Minneapolis bucks a recent trend of major companies and retailers leaving the city.”


As they already own their own space downtown, it makes sense to maximize its benefit while changing their back-office operations to fit the new business/employee work environment.

I can understand dropping the south rental building as that is in a high traffic, high rent area. I suspect the north facility they will rent will be easier to access and have fewer traffic problems.

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