Worker Productivity is down

There are a lot of reasons. People have new jobs and have to learn them. Some of the new workers were on the sidelines for years. My local Stop and Shop grocery is hiring people in their late 70s and even their 80s because many younger people got better jobs.

There may be a hidden structural problem. Illegal workers were pushing up the amount of work done but not always counted in the stats. Meaning less work is getting done and the actual number of workers is getting counted. Oh…

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Isn’t falling productivity normal in an economic recovery? When the recovery starts, the “JCs” are reluctant to hire anyone, so they get out the cattle prod and push their existing staff to do more work. Eventually, the staff rebels, and the “JC” finally is forced to hire more staff. With more people working, for the same amount of work, productivity falls, but workers are less likely to throw their shoes into the machines.




Except we do not need to recover. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This trend is short sighted. When leaving a job a conversation with the boss face to face is often a win/win. There are suggestions involved if not negotiations. If the boss is nasty that just proves it was past due to move on. No employee is at fault for taking a different job to explore doing better.

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