Would You Recommend Beth’s Service?


I am a bit down from seeing red numbers on my account for a few days in a row and I think diverting my attention to somewhere else would be helpful.

Since I began investing last winter, I’ve signed up for multiple services including TMF’s Stock Advice and Rule Breakers and Seeking Alpha and Ticker Target as many on this board recommended. Although my portfolio is mostly made of stocks actively discussed on this board (thanks everyone!) these private services helped me tremendously in initiating positions in some great companies and building/demolishing convictions in them.

Also, I enjoy reading good write-ups during free time.

I’ve heard from this board and other places about Beth’s service. If I remember correctly, someone from this board mentioned that she is a bit technical. Compared to Bert’s service, how is Beth’s service, not in terms of being better but more of the criteria she uses to pick a company?

Saul noted that these high quality services are good investments but since Beth’s service is twice as expensive than others, it would be great if I get to know what I can expect beforehand.

Thanks in advance!

Mike L

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Hi Mike,
I tried Beth’s for a short while. She follows themes like 5G, AI, etc. somewhat similar to Cathie Wood @ ARK.
If the areas she discusses interest you, might be worth it. Use it as another view point.
The community is mostly trading mindset. This board and Beth’s community are polar opposites: deep analysis vs quick trades.
Knox, is her #2 and tries to find entry and exit points with technicals and to a certain degree skews thinking in technicals direction.

There was another thread with detailed feedback on the service from multiple board members a few months back. I found it via search tools here:

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Beth provides good business analysis, but as someone else already mentioned, you’ll be paying money for technical analysis as well. (Another guy on the service handles this, not Beth, but it’s a package deal.)

Technical analysis doesn’t really interest me all so I didn’t continue the service after a few months.

Maybe try for a month or two to see if you like her reports. Obviously if you are into chart reading, then it might be worth it overall.