WSJ: Highland Park Shooting In Depth

This one doesn’t give the latest news about the arrest, but, it’s very well written from eye-witness accounts retold to the reporters. Madness!

WSJ headline: Highland Park July Fourth Parade Shooting Leaves at Least Six Dead, More Than Two Dozen Injured

Sub-headline: Law-enforcement officers are searching for suspect after gunfire broke out in Chicago suburb

Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said five adults were killed at the scene and have been identified, but their names haven’t been released. She said she didn’t know the age of the sixth victim, who died in a hospital.

At least one person transported to the hospital was a child in critical condition, said Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage.

NorthShore Highland Park Hospital is treating 26 people as a result of the mass shooting, spokesman Jim Anthony said. Five more people were transported to NorthShore Evanston Hospital, part of the same health system, he said.

The shooting sound was rapid. Makes you wonder if bump stock was used.

Another win for the well regulated militia.

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Am I to understand that the Highland Park shooter was a good sportsman?

Business Insider: Justice Clarence Thomas once opposed Highland Park’s assault weapons ban, saying that the ‘overwhelming majority’ of those with the rifles use them lawfully

Natalie Musumeci 3 hours ago

That 2013 ban was swiftly challenged and the case made it all the way to the US Supreme Court, which ultimately rejected to hear it and instead let a lower court’s ruling in favor of the ordinance stand.

But at the time, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas — who joined the nation’s highest court in 1991 — opposed Highland Park’s prohibition on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, writing in a dissent that the “overwhelming majority” who use such weapons use them lawfully.

In Thomas’ dissent, which was filed in December 2015 and joined by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, he called assault weapons “modern sporting rifles” and made references to the Second Amendment.

Paul, authorities are saying he fired a little over 70 rounds. Which leads me to believe he went through two 40-round clips, with one quick break in between firing the two clips.

Independent headline: What we know about gun used by alleged Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo

Sub-headline: The ‘high-powered rifle’ used in the Highland Park shooting was bought legally. A gun reform package passed last month failed to raise the age the ‘weapons of war’ could be purchased

The type of gun used in the Highland Park July 4th parade mass shooting that killed six and wounded was a high-powered rifle “similar to an AR-15”, police said at a briefing on Tuesday.

Authorities initially said they had recovered a “rifle” from along the July 4th parade route, and that they were deliberately withholding further details as they hunted for the gunman.

Sgt. Christopher Covelli, from the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, later revealed the gunman had scaled a fire escape and fired more than 70 rounds down onto the crowd from a business rooftop.

The firing was rapid. Maybe he pulled the trigger 70 times as fast as he could. But he seemed not to take aim. He merely sprayed the crowd with bullets.

Bumpstock would make that easier. Now outlawed I think but still out there.

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Paul, according to wikipedia, bump stock accessories were outlawed by the Federal Government back in December 2018:….

The legality of bump stocks in the United States came under question[1][2][3] following the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which left 60 civilians dead and an additional 867 injured;[4][5][6] the gunman was found to have fitted them to his weapons.[7] Several states passed legislation restricting ownership of bump stocks following this shooting and the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School months later. The U.S. Justice Department banned them at the federal level in December 2018.

So if this 21-year old shooter could find a bump stock to buy, whoever sold it to him will be talking to the Feds very soon. But I still think the sound is an assault weapon(with echoes added) on semi-automatic with this elfin shooter pulling the trigger as rapidly as he could. I have yet to read word on the setup of his assault weapon. I’m going with two 40-round clips (the clip of choice for ammo-sexuals these days) and one young man caught up in the moment of finally feeling powerful with a frisson injection into his trigger finger.

I am more curious about his upbringing. How did he become the monster who shot randomly at strangers in a crowd? Parental neglect? Bullied? Incel? Loner? Shadowless on a sunny day? Socially awkward? What was his breaking point into mental unbalance? Did he publish a manifesto? Did he hang out with other anonymous lone wolves on line? Did he ever visit a mental health professional?

I’m on a water break now, but will do some reading later tonight when I’m winding down.

For 10 points, which Q-Anon Gripper politician jumped on a photo-shopped image of the Highland Park shooter supposedly holding up a Bible in jail, and then re-tweeted it with bloviating tweets? Go ahead. Who comes to mind when you hear the term “Q-Anon megaphone?”

Open the link to confirm your guess:

AP headline: Photo altered to show July 4 shooting suspect in jail cell…

CLAIM: A photo shows the Highland Park shooting suspect holding a Bible “in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The image of Robert Crimo ?— the man charged with murder after firing into a crowd at an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago ?— has been manipulated. A photo of the suspect was digitally inserted into a stock photo of a prison cell that can be downloaded for free online.

THE FACTS: One day after authorities identified the suspect accused of killing seven people and wounding three dozen others at Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade, claims about the gunman and his past spread online.

Yes, the Highland Park shooting seemed to be patterned on the Las Vegas shooting. A unique difference is he had an escape plan and seemed to think he could get away with it.

Bump stocks may be illegal but I suspect you can still find one if you want one.

I heard on the news they are saying three clips.

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