WSJ: Russia Clearly On Defensive Now

WSJ headline: Ukraine’s Rapid Advance in East Puts Russian Forces on Defensive

Sub-headline: Moscow rushes in reinforcements as Kyiv’s surprise offensive threatens to cut off Russian troops
By Isabel Coles
Updated Sept. 9, 2022 4:36 pm ET

After punching through Russian defenses in the northeastern Kharkiv region earlier this week, Ukrainian forces raced more than 30 miles toward Kupyansk, seizing the initiative after months of grinding combat.

Ukraine’s advances prompted Russia to rush reinforcements to Kharkiv and raised the prospect of the biggest reversal for Moscow since it was forced to withdraw forces from around the capital, Kyiv, in March.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday his country’s forces had retaken control of more than 30 towns and villages in the Kharkiv region in recent days and that measures were being taken to secure the gains. It couldn’t immediately be determined what reserves Ukraine has available to shore up the territory it seized and expand on its gains.