WSO and OZK Divi Increases

Hi all,

Dividend increases this week includes:

Most Return to
Current Recent Dividend Interest Payout 4 Yr. Payout Years 4 Yr 4 Yr Yield
Symbol Company Name Yield Increase 5 Yr. CAGR Coverage Ratio Ratio M* Sector Growth Avg. Yield Upside
WSO Watsco Inc. 3.74% 11.4% 14.4% 333.5 60% 87% Industrials 9 Years 3.26% 14.46%
OZK Bank OZK 3.36% 3.0% 12.3% - 28% 32% Financial Services 24 Years 3.22% 4.38%

It’s noteworthy that WSO increased their dividend after only three payments at the old rate. Not sure what this means going forward.

OZK has been increasing their dividend quarterly rather than annually. Here’s a look at their history:

I own shares of WSO.