Oil started in March bouncing on its first trading day at $95. WTIC may end the month barely budging from that number.

I have no idea how inflation is calculated on the spike during the month of March.

Retail has been under pressure sales wise.

Labor going forward will see less upside for a few months at least.

Other resources are inflationary, but most of them are inputs amounting to a factional cost of the output. Some resources have not been attained in quantities to allow for output meaning if you can not produced it, well are inflation measures weighted by sales? When substitution is allowed in measurements that is not weighting sales. The only measure for weighted inflation is a total take on the economy.

I am expecting the report on March inflation due in April to be a slowing of the annual pace of inflation to just under 6%. Shooting of course in the dark with a hint of light around the door jam.

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