Ya Big Dummy!


A couple of days ago in the ASG I had made the decision to add both GLBE and U to the portfolio roster with Scout Team level allocations. Over the weekend, after a great deal of thoughtful consideration and strategic strategizing I made a new decision to reverse the original older decision and go with a newer, new and improved decision: I would move forward with the addition of GLBE to the Scout Team but hold off on U. And today - so I did. I also decided that I would add CFLT with a Scout Team position. Which I also did today. But I didn’t add U.

Today was a really nice day for growth with a few results noted below:

U: Up today +9.83%

CFLT: Up today +4.93%

GLBE: Up today +5.89%

Now…to be sure, one day of comparative results is remarkably insignificant; however, having said that, there is a lesson to be learned from todays results and it is fairly simple: Never Ever Argue With Your Instincts! Frankly, part of my initial thought to add U was based on it dipping below $100 per share at the close April 1st. The stock has seemed range bound in that range for a while now and if the market is set to rally into Growth a bit it was about as close to a 5 Star lock with extremely limited downside risk. See what I am getting at here.

Dang thing reminded me of MELI dipping below $1,000 repeatedly. Anyway - I wanted to get that relatively minor rant out of my system.


All the Best,