Year of the Rabbit Adjustments and Other Stuff

Amateur Investor here and Financial Architect of the Precise Stock Combo Movement Tools: Company Specific Pressure Gauge and the Semi Never Wrong Stock Compass.

Members please plan on making your 2023 Year of the Rabbit adjustments and Precise Coordinate Inputs at exactly 10:21AM on January 22. Otherwise the Semi Never Wrong Stock Compass (SNWSC) will not function correctly. Please refer to your coordinate guide book under Chapter 11 - Rabbit, Water and remember that neither the CSPG nor the SNWSC will provide entirely accurate data if not calibrated correctly. Champico Industries bears no responsibility for faulty input data. Doubtless, some of you will stop at ‘Rabbit’ and as discussed previously in our Annual Letter to Subscribers you must proceed to “Water”.

Note 1: Page 1623 of the Detailed Systems Operational Manuel has been updated which revises mission critical stuff. For those members that have made so much money using the system that you have no need for further gains and have stopped paying your monthly dues will not receive the new page 1623.

In other news The Fool has promoted me to Trust Level 2 for reasons that are a little unclear at this point. For example, I had no idea that I was at Level 1 Trust to begin with and am not sure what I possibly could have done to merit such a prestigious promotion. Probably a mistake or glitch in their new system. Oh well…ask yourself this: Would a worldwide investing organization of good repute elevate a person to a higher level of trust if their investing systems, philosophies and strategies didn’t work? Why of course not!

More importantly, Champico Industries has discovered a glaring weakness in a major travel industry that we believe is ripe for innovation: The Cruise Line Business. Did you know that upwards of 20 million people take cruises every year? We think that is a lot of people. People that unknowingly place their lives in the hands of other people - which is seldom a good idea. For example it is a proven fact that ships can sink. Or - people can get drunk and simply fall off. And there they are in the ocean - sometimes at night, with nothing standing between them and sinking to the bottom of the sea or getting eaten by a shark. We at Champico Industries have created a new company division dedicated to Cruise Line Safety and have developed strategic tools for Cruise Line passengers.

First and foremost is the Guide Book titled: What to do if you get Drunk and fall off a Cruise Ship. This detailed report is packed with life saving tidbits condensed in a tiny volume that passengers should carry around with them at all times. Critical Chapters include: How not to get eaten by Sharks and Don’t drink the Ocean Water and How to make a Sail out of your Trousers.

We have developed The Cruise Ship Emergency Survival Backpack (CSESB) that passengers simply wear at all times when aboard Cruise ships… (Sure they are a little bulky but are sized for the entire family) This kit contains a deluxe, brightly colored Inflatable raft, a Flare Gun with two Flares, 6 cans of Starkist Albacore White Tuna, a six pack of Bud and an official I Got Drunk and Fell off a Ship baseball cap.

Note 2: The above represents the Basic I Got Drunk and Fell of the Cruise Ship Survival Backpack. A deluxe backpack is available for a slightly higher price and includes a small hand held, solar powered fan for those hot tropical days which can also be used as a tiny motor to power your raft, a Fish Taser for when the tuna runs out. The deluxe backpack replaces the six pack of Bud with Heineken

We believe that Cruise Line Passenger Safety demands new and innovative solutions to age old problems and that the universal adoption of the Champico CSESB will doubtless save many lives while giving all Cruise Line passengers comfort and confidence in their ability to get drunk and accidentally fall off a ship. However, this system must be tested and we need a Test Passenger. All are welcome to apply under the following guidelines:

  1. You must be capable of getting drunk and jumping off a Cruise Ship.
  2. You must agree to wear a Ready to Use Champico Industries CSESB.

Thats it. Should you survive you become the Champico Industries CSESB spokesperson and we retain all rights to your story.

Note 3) We are accepting Investors who recognize opportunity when it knocks; however, should we accept you as an investor we require you to wear a Champico Industries CSESB every day for 90 days to aid in our marketing program.

As for stock investing - with the exception of MELI… I still have all the same stocks I had a few days ago. I cast MELI adrift after is vigorously breached the $1000 per share level and shall repurchase shares once again - for the umpteenth time, once it falls below my calculated trigger level.

All the Best,