Yet another...

I work for a company that makes ERP software for the higher education market. I find a very high correlation between the software we use internally and the companies discussed here. I just read a notice that we began using Crowdstrike Falcon about a month ago. That brings us to this list of companies that I engage with every day through my work:

Falcon (CRWD)
Okta (OKTA)
Slack (WORK)
Zoom (ZM)
Service Now (NOW)
Smartsheets (SMAR)

Behind the scenes, I know we also use:

Datadog (DDOG)
Salesforce (CRM)
Jira (TEAM)
Confluence (TEAM)

And, of course, we use a variety of bigger, more established firms like Microsoft(Office 365, Outlook, LinkedIn learning, Dynamics), Cisco (AnyConnect VPN), and Amazon (AWS for hosting our clients).

I can see incredible value in all of these, especially (of course) Zoom and Slack, which I depend upon throughout the day for almost everything as a work-from-anywhere employee.

Tiptree, Fool One guide, long ZM and AMZN


2 days ago I bought my first iPhone in 6 years online thru my T-Mobile account.
During the process a Docusign screen popped up to get my signature (using my finger). T-Mobile is pretty big company that includes Sprint these days.