You can't go wrong with property

So said a number of my ex-clients who invested in property. Perhaps you can:

$543.6 million (2018) to $279 million (current asking price)

Will it be the bank who takes to loss on this?

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Then your ex-clients are idiots. 2008 was a clear demonstration that you can go bankrupt owning property, and if that wasn’t enough, the S&L debacle in the late 80’s demonstrated it as well. Not to mention the “swampland in Florida” fiascos of the 60’s.

Apparently Barnum was wrong. There’s more than one born every minute.

Of course it’s worth noting that you can go broke owning metals, too. Like property, all you have to do is buy at the wrong time.

A bit harsh. They were just caught up in the free money mania. Anyone who was under 40 years old had never seen a time when interest rates were not coming down. In Europe we even had negative interest rates in Denmark:

Unlike me they probably believed those in charge who said that they knew what they were doing.

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That is what he meant.

It was never free money.

The problem is how to synthesize your own thoughts into profits. Gold is not the vehicle. Denying the USD is a huge blow to any outcomes.

Oh heavens. People lose money on property all the time . There’s another round of “get rich quick” folks about to learn the lesson. Again.

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I’m now up 30% in just a few years and it’s all tax free here in the UK.

Gold will be around when the USD is just toilet paper.

But you won’t be.



It’s down 30% since 2010 (inflation adjusted), so like anything it really matters what you pick as your time frame.


He has not just been investing in gold for a few years. Have you @Divitias ??

Gold is just one of the better doorstops. The USD is not a doorstop. The USD buys and sells doorstops.

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