You're doing a heckuva job Brownie

It was 18 years ago this month that we first met Michael Brown, the former Judges and Stewards Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association. Meet his successor.

Was Maui’s Emergency Operations Chief In Over His Head? - Honolulu Civil Beat



I was wondering about Lahaina ecological zone.

“Lahaina, Kihei, Wailea, Haleakala, and Kaupo have desert microclimates.

The rainfall map suggests 10-20 inches annual precipitation.

Maui area is 727 square miles.
A Maui gov PDF says 735 square miles.

Says Lahaina is 7.78 square miles.
The Maui gov PDF says Lahaina is 9.29 square miles.

CBS disaster popcorn.

“The three wildfires which broke out Aug. 8 have so far burned an estimated 4.45 square miles, according to Maui officials. Two of the three fires are still burning, with dozens of firefighters working by ground and air to build containment lines and monitor for any hot spots and flare-ups.”



We have quite a few storm disasters recently without much complaint about FEMA. It makes you think they are getting better at it. Then came Maui.

Few roads and limited access has to be a factor. Plus no power and no water.

I notice the streets in the fire area have been cleared of debris. That was probably a first step to allow access. But still not fast enough for many.

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Looks like the Maui Emergency Manager resigned Thursday.

You got to hand it to Brownie. Even with hundreds of bodies floating in the canals around New Orleans, he had a longer tenure before he was sacked.



And don’t forget the fellow who refused to refused to release water to fight the fire.

DLNR delayed releasing water requested by West Maui Land Co. to help prevent the spread of fire, sources familiar with the situation said. Specifically, according to accounts of four people with knowledge of the situation, M. Kaleo Manuel, a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner and DLNR’s deputy director for water resource management, initially balked at West Maui Land Co.’s requests for additional water to help prevent the fire from spreading to properties managed by the company.



Disasters will continue to come and we will continue to plan for them and continue to screw up when they hit even if we have a plan.

With high probability, GCC is going to be EXTREMELY INSANELY expensive. Specialists in complex systems***, especially the aracana of Catastrophe Theory, knew and know this like they know that water is wet.

Now we need smart flexible leadership, and most importantly of all we need voting populations that stop believing in magical solutions and the soothing tones of corporate spokescreatures who are busily defending present wealth at the cost of future well being.

***I was an early specialist in complex system theory, and yes, there was a lot of cheap hysterical mis-application of the theory in sociological and some ecological circles, but the main point remained: extreme vulnerabilities are often embedded unseen in complexity, and modernity is generating new complexities at a stunning careless rate.

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