YTD (one week later)

wow, wasn’t it just a week or so ago we were talking about being up about 25% ish for the year.
now btw 38-39%
Esp. since I used to usually just lose money.
Thanks Everybody.


Not sure there isn’t a bit more coming in the next 4-7 days, as the positive earnings announcements become all the more undeniable…although NVDA may not be able to put up an announcement that could push it over $270. I’ll be plenty happy to see that guess prove incorrect though.

All that said, I am thinking the S&P will likely fall a bit tomorrow, in general, just based on the trend it has been on. Even telling myself that time in the market beats timin’ the market, I have been following the S&P quite closely in the past few months. Here are some tweets with some chart pictures that I am basing my guess on.…

Today’s high pretty much matched up perfectly with what the one chart/trends seemed to be showing, although there were a few brief minutes where it got above 2,681.…