Z Is the New Swastika for the 21st Century


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The Russian “Z” is the new swastika for the 21st Century:

(Note: my link will take you to a very good thread on Twitter explaining the Russian’s adoption of “Z” for their invasion of Ukraine.)

Direct link to the thread I mention in the OP:


Kamil Galeev@kamilkazaniLet’s discuss what’s happening in Russia. To put it simply, it’s going full fascist. Authorities launched a propaganda campaign to gain popular support for their invasion of Ukraine and they’re getting lots of it. You can see “Z” on these guys’ clothes. What does it mean? :thread:

I’ve seen a white “V” painted on the front of Russian tanks.

On D-day the Allies used three white stripes painted on the wings of friendly aircraft. It’s a battlefield technique to help distinguish friend from foe.

I wonder if the markings are some what like a password. Easy to change. But also not hard for foe to copy.