Zimbabwe Record Wheat Harvest -- response to delayed Ukraine wheat


"The answer in Zimbabwe has been to empower local farmers, said Haritatos, the deputy agriculture minister.

That included roping in hundreds of small-scale, rural farmers to start growing a crop that was traditionally reserved for large-scale commercial farmers, improving water supply infrastructure and distributing fertilizers to small-scale farmers as well as increasing private-sector participation. The crop was introduced for the first time to areas and farmers who had never grown wheat before.

Winter corn production has given way to wheat in many areas, with Zimbabwe banking on corn reserves to meet demand for the staple food. Land used for growing wheat increased from 66,000 hectares (163,089 acres) in 2021 to 75,000 hectares this year and will grow to 100,000 hectares next season."


This is very good news.

Same with Ethiopia, despite war and a big population, they have enough to export:

Africa is more than capable of feeding itself. Hunger is a function of poor planning/policies as Amartya Sen taught us many years ago.