ZM app downloads

According to Sensor Tower, a firm that analyzes the global app economy, Zoom was the most downloaded mobile app in the world for the month of April, and the second most downloaded app in the world for the month of May (second to TikTok).

Source for April:…
Source for May:…

Both months, the top 2 countries for downloads were the US and India. In April, India actually had more downloads than the United States (18% vs 14%). In May, the 2 countries were dead even at 17% each.

For me, the most exciting thing about these reports is that over 80% of Zoom app downloads are happening internationally (or at least were for that 2 month period). These numbers imply even more rapid international expansion than I could’ve hoped for. Of course, it’s unclear at this point how correlated app downloads will be to revenue growth.

Sensor Tower’s June download numbers should be published on their blog this week (at least if they keep the same publishing cadence as the last 2 months).