ZM competitor MS Teams - first meeting experienc

I was invited to my first teams meeting a few days ago and I tried to get on the meeting this morning.

Attempt #1: I click on the meeting link from my calendar app (nothing happened).

Attempt #2: I copy the link and paste it into my web browser. It doesn’t work and says safari isn’t supported (um, this is the default web browser on the Mac platform!!!)

Attempt #3: I click on the link on my iPhone. It takes me to the App Store. I download the teams app. It asks me for my login (I don’t have any login). I enter my email address it says “account not found”. Under time pressure I give up on this for now.

Attempt #4: I go back to the desktop, copy the link into Chrome, and it asks me if I want to download the teams app (no).

Finally, I get in the meeting. Everything looks good. Audio works, video works and it looks good. 2 minutes in, the video freezes and it never restarts in the half hour that I’m in the meeting. Audio continued to work without issue.

I have to say that I wasn’t real impressed. Teams has a long way to go from what I experienced. Its probably better on windows I guess…

Long ZM!