Zm, ddog and others

This is an article from April, it is long, so set aside some time. It discusses some of the favorite companies of this board, and how they may grow further by welcoming developers to add additional specialized functions. On the consumer side we are all familiar with a “platform”that provides most of the things that most users want, (browser, email, clock, maps, camera etc) and then apps are available for specialized things, (brokerage app, rowing machine app, translation app…) my iPhone is my everyday platform. The same thing is at work in enterprise computing. Shopify comes to mind. They have a core of what most business want, but allow for apps to be built for customization. This video explains it really well

I like owning companies with a large base of developers OUTSIDE the company working to make it more useful, they make my company more valuable to me without the full cost of those developers. There is some cost as the article discusses: Developer Evangelists, software development kits (SDK), extensive documentation etc.…

Long SHOP, ZM, DDOG, you can see all my holdings at my profile