ZM in today's WSJ

"Likewise, Zoom may not be as successful because of the massive anti China sentiment that is building up all around the developed world. I am not here to poo poo Zoom. I use it daily to take various classes but it is hard to miss the attention that the company receives weekly by various governments around the world. First Taiwan, then Canada, US and UK."

“The Citizen lab report is worth reading…… It raises some serious questions. Citizen lab is well known in the national security circles.”

There are two things that makes me a ZM investor and not really worry about the above…

First, These words from Eric Yuan ( whom I highly respect for his technical expertise, unrelenting character amid this crisis and above all his humility.)I his recent blog post, he wrote…

“Recently, questions have also been raised about Zoom and China. At first, this seemed to stem from a temporary misconfiguration in our global data center routing that we fixed. But outside of that isolated incident, in the past few weeks, we have seen disheartening rumors and misinformation cropping up.”

“…I am immensely proud of the work our company has done to help keep hundreds of thousands of schools and businesses running during this pandemic and to make video communications more secure. When I think of the last nine years, in many ways we’ve had it easy. The strongest steel is forged in fire. Our team, our culture, our platform, and our company will be stronger and more equipped to deliver happiness to our customers because of this experience.”

Second, It’s rare to see a company ( which is being attacked on all sides) being so focussed. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…So do take a look at the Timeline for Zoom 5.0 (GCM encryption):

The above makes me feel happy with my ZM investment :slight_smile:




just a few words of caution here, ron. ‘communications encryption’ is great and really ‘reads great’ but ‘Security’ is really an overall design, both inside the software but also in the way the software asks people to use it.