ZM International Expansion & TEAM ads

Kelly Steckelberg – Chief Financial Officer
Both domestic and international markets had strong growth during the quarter. Americas grew at a rate of 150% year-over-year. However, our combined APAC and EMEA revenue grew even faster at 246% year-over-year and represented approximately 25% of revenue. International expansion is a key growth initiative for Zoom. Our global brand awareness has spread more quickly and we have expanded into more countries than we had originally planned for FY '21.

One of my favorite ZM metrics is their 246% international expansion rate. On a separate note has anyone else noticed all the TEAMS advertisements? We are almost bombarded with them here in SW Louisiana. Makes me wonder why is Microsoft spending so heavily advertising TEAMS. Could it be TAM and margins?

ZM is 28% allocation for me at the moment. Between International 246% expansion rate and Microsoft advertising TEAMS so aggressively have a hard time bring ZM into balance. Decisions decisions.

Kelly Steckelberg kinda remindeds me of Sarah Friar, old SQ CFO, what say you Bear?

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