ZM vs CAKE - checking in

Can you “zoom” up and down? Apparently you can.

ZM stock up big, cause they are, like, canning a ton of people. Yay Zoom.

Back almost 3 years now, in May 2020, I speculated that ZM would underperform CAKE.

ZM was $165 then and did skyrocket more but then deflated like balloons at a dart-throwing convention during happy hour.

ZM currently $82 after today’s pop. Still 50% down, after almost 3 years.

CAKE was around $20, I think. Can’t find my old TMF posts anymore, dontcha know!! Cake over $38 at moment. Not quite 100% gain.

I don’t know about you folks, but I feel like 2016 or so thru Jan 2020 was one universe, and we have lived in an alternate reality since Feb 2020. It has been 3 years of craziness. 3 years of massive plunges, btfd, crypto/meme absurdity, and I think we are all at a loss on how exactly to define what is to come in 2023: resumption of “normalcy” or massive and final capitulation?

No matter what happens, I will always have fond memories of CAKE.



The weekly close prices for CAKE in May, 2020 we $22.44, $18.53, $19.97, $21.28. You would have averaged in at $21.85 with equal share buys. You’ll have to calculate the $-cost price yourself, if you are interested

By the way, I made a small edit on my BILL post and now realize that this makes it show up as new post, with about 6 words changed/added. In the future I shall not try to edit a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Apologies.