💀 Zombie Watchlist Additions: $PTON and $FRPT

An investment research CEO who called the declines of Coinbase, Shopify, and Snap warns that 3 stocks are at risk of falling to $0 per share in the months ahead as the Fed tightens policy

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Last week, Trainer published new research on three names that have already suffered a lot, and is calling for them to suffer more. They include Peloton, Freshpet, and Carvana — Trainer is warning they could all fall to $0 per share.

Each of the firms is low on cash, he said, making them vulnerable to a Federal Reserve aggressively hiking interest rates. They all have three months or less until bankruptcy, he said.

Below are Trainer’s calls for each (as of his June 23 note), and his reasoning for his bearishness.

$PTON daily, weekly, and monthly charts

I’m not seeing the panic in these pictures that I’m seeing on $DWAC $PTON $AFRM $CVAC etc. etc. But I am listening to this analyst as he has often been damn good on F/A for the just mentioned. A failure and a breakdown on these charts could bring the shorts on big volume days. He has been wrong on $SHOP and $FRPT thus far, but let’s see what happens in the next 6 months.

$FRPT daily, weekly, and monthly charts