Zoom Adding Messaging Functions Akin to Slack

This is hot off the press, and relevant to the ongoing debate on the board about Zoom’s moat, but according to https://www.theinformation.com/articles/zoom-invests-in-big-…,
“Zoom has been quietly working on a major upgrade to the messaging functions inside its video conferencing product, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

They likened these functions to “those found in products like Slack” according to one of the insiders.


I wondered when this would happen and had listened to the last earnings call for any news.

It’s been more than 4 months since Zoom acquired Keybase, which was viewed as a positive move to help deliver on Zoom’s 90-day plan to address security issues. The purchase price was never disclosed afaik, but it would seem an expensive way to just secure encryption expertise. Integration with Keybase and offering an enhanced messaging (and file exchange!) capability was always in the cards.