Zoom and Soccer

United States it’s mostly called Soccer but for nearly everyone else it’s football and one of the most watched sports around the World. Like all sports, Europe in particular has been starved of seeing their teams play and only recently has football come back, albeit to empty stadiums. However I was delighted to see on Wednesday the first time footie has been played in the UK for over 100 days, Zoom LED banners all over the stadium and then again today at a different venue. First saw Zoom advertising a few weeks ago in a German stadium for the Bundesliga and also during a Barcelona match (known as La Liga) in Spain. Talk about Worldwide coverage!

If that wasn’t enough, was watching racing at the Royal Ascot meeting from the UK and not only was Zoom mentioned at least 20 times, again on an empty track, was a Zoom banner. And then came across this little ditty…

Totally different but inventive during these difficult times. In late February and into March a well known high end Ladies Italian fashion house who usually employs reps to visit their customers with the sample ranges to place orders for the following season was woefully late in getting the samples ready for obvious reasons and not having the ability to show the buyers the merchandise as most of the stores were closed anyway or the head buyers were not available, having myself been in retail many years ago and still in touch with a few good contacts, suggested using Zoom directly with the buyers/head honchos and basically holding a fashion show either directly from their own homes(if still in lockdown and one was palatial anyway) with their in house models if available and willing.

I found out yesterday it went down beautifully, orders were written directly and verbally, plus saved a bunch of money in producing 14 extra sample ranges(which cost a small fortune) particular as they are shipped also to reps in the US, Spain, UK and Germany. Some high end Stores(Harrods Dept store in London, being one of them) asked for fabrics to be sent, which was done via fedex 2-4 day service. But thanks to Zoom, the feedback I got from both seller and buyer, was it was the next best thing to actually being there and has seriously now got them thinking about the future way to transact business.

People have stated here, what else can Zoom do? Mucho.If handled correctly, I see a long future ahead.

Best Weekend to all.