Zoom anecdote

I have a friend who is a financial advisor, and he has a Swiss banker friend who he met at a conference somewhere, and this Swiss banker said that their bank has 80% of employees working from home and 20% coming in during Covid. They use Zoom. The reason it struck me is that it is a Swiss bank, with all their security and privacy concerns, and apparently they are not worried.

I realize that this is just one data point but I thought I’d add it to our data bank. I don’t see that any further comments on the thread would be needed.



One more anecdote is too good not to be posted:

Queen Elizabeth II joins the rest of the world on ‘Zoom’, in her first public outing online, showing support for U.K.’s COVID carers.From Marketwatch


Queen Elizabeth II joins the rest of the world on ‘Zoom’

LOL. The sign of a market top? Does Her Majesty have recs we should consider?

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Queen Elizabeth II joins the rest of the world on ‘Zoom’

LOL. The sign of a market top? Does Her Majesty have recs we should consider?

Hi Roy, I think you missed the point. In Great Britain the Queen has lots of creds, and her using Zoom is one more confirmation (on top of the British Cabinet and Parliament using it), that Zoom is the way to go if you had any doubt. [How can Webex, for example, be considered a better choice to a Brit if the Queen, the British Cabinet, and the Parliament all use Zoom.]




Courts across Pennsylvania are also using Zoom to hold hearings (another indication that security concerns are unwarranted). I am taking part in one tomorrow!


In Great Britain the Queen has lots of creds…

Does she? Among the Brits I know they regard the monarchy as an anachronism that serves no purpose. At least two said “well, it’s good for tourists”. Granted my cross-section of British society is very limited, but I don’t think the Queen has the “creds” she did a generation ago.

So I wouldn’t base any investment decision on that. Which I know you aren’t, but just saying in general. I think that’s actually one of the weakest arguments I’ve seen for Zoom. A better one is that -for whatever reason- Zoom is experiencing large-scale adoption among the general public, and has even become a verb. I may not be comfortable with ZM, but that last statement is at least verifiably true.

And sincere congrats to ZM longs. You’ve done well so far.


Since we are doing Zoom anecdotes, this one is timely – this morning I helped my father set up a telemedicine session with one of his doctors. He has three other doctors / specialists and in the past two months we’ve had Zoom sessions with all three of them, so I assumed today’s meeting would also be a Zoom session.

Yesterday I had called the doctor’s office and asked if they would send me a meeting link. I also asked out of curiosity if they were using Zoom. The receptionist said “It’s not Zoom, but it’s just like it.” She said they would send me the link just before the meeting.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled meeting time (about two hours ago), I hadn’t received an invite to the meeting so I called the doctor’s office again. She said their telemedicine app didn’t have a waiting room feature, and the doctor would text me an invite when he was ready.

Thirty minutes later my father is sitting in my chair, waiting for an invite. I get a text with a URL to a meeting site (it’s not Zoom). I launch my web browser, load the link and start the session, but the doctor says he can’t see me. I figure out that instead of my Logitech web cam, the app is using my laptop camera, but the laptop lid is closed (I use two large external monitors). I search for a settings option so I can switch cameras, but there isn’t one. I finally open my laptop and point it toward my father and make it through the session. The doctor says “Sorry, I guess it isn’t Zoom”. Enough said.