Zoom breakout sessions

I don’t recall reading this aspect of Zoom previously.

Last night, I attended a virtual real estate meetup group from Kansas City. There were about 90 of us there. Most were in the KC area, someone was from LA, I was in VA and the keynote speaker was in SC.

There were 3 different breakout sessions. Each time, Zoom divided everyone into a group of 4 maximum. A participant could choose to accept to go to the session or not.

Twice I was in groups of 3 and once there were 4 of us.

In a short period of time, I was able to explain my strategies for investing and such. They could do the same. Investing in real estate is all about networking.

The leader of the group said that even when this virus is over and groups can meet in person again, she sees them continuing the virtual meeting as well as attendance could be so much greater.

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Long ZM