Zoom buys Five9

Whoa. Bought for $14.7B in all stock.


Were already partners so Zoom said, let’s just go this way…

Here is Five9 in Zoom Marketplace: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/8pmPXBvjSyeB_HjL0NNJVg

Here is Five9 touting how they work with Zoom Phone: https://www.five9.com/products/capabilities/uc-integration/z…




With Twilio putting Twilio Live into beta…


Does this move by Twilio and now this acquisition by Zoom put these two on path for a major league street fight going forward?

Seems to me Twilio has a big advantage in underpinnings of all communication.

Also, at first glance seems odd that Five9 takes a measly 13% gain if it had lots of blue sky in front of it. I am a big Twilio fan so admittedly biased, but it seems to me both Zoom and Five9 are coming into this from a position of playing catch up and weakness. Zoom needs to buy growth. Five9 gets taken out for unimpressive gain.

This customer engagement space, with Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Twilio, Zoom sure seems like a vital one for stockholders and the economy at large. Greatly appreciate your insights here as it’s really hard for us non techies to analyze who has advantages where. Obviously a ton of money to be made for the companies that comes out on top of managing contact centers, corporate communication.