Zoom: Historic international diplomacy

Zoom is an amazing company. Zoom helped relieve the Covid-19 isolation over the past 2 years. I use Zoom every day for my online exercise classes. My sister and I, who live 3,000 miles apart, recorded ourselves singing “Happy Birthday” to Jeff, then attached the mp.4 file to an e-mail which reached his cruise ship (also thousands of miles away).

Zoom has just been used to accomplish historic international diplomacy, a besieged wartime leader speaking directly to the U.S. Congress. The article doesn’t mention it, but it’s possible that some of the Congress members weren’t in Washington, DC.


**Meeting with Congress, Zelensky asks for more jets and a no-fly zone.**
**by Catie Edmondson, The New York Times**
**March 5, 2022, 12:05 p.m. ET, 26 minutes ago**

**WASHINGTON — President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine spoke with more than 300 members of Congress on Saturday, imploring them to ban the importation of Russian oil and to send more jets to his country, according to lawmakers on the call.**

**The meeting, conducted via Zoom, was the first time Mr. Zelensky had addressed both houses of Congress since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.**

**During the call, Mr. Zelensky also reiterated one of his long-sought after demands: the imposition of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Western governments have rebuffed the idea as all but impossible, citing the risk of direct conflict between NATO and Russian forces....** [end quote]

It’s amazing how quickly we become accustomed to the Zoom service which didn’t even exist 5 years ago.



I agree that Zoom and other video conferencing systems have entered into common use due to COVID.
But Zoom launched over 10 years ago…just that nobody was really paying attention then.

We also had Skype long before that.


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