Zoom June Downloads

Sensor Tower’s June numbers are out for app downloads.


Zoom was the second most downloaded app in the world for the month of June, second to TikTok (same as in May). Zoom was the number 1 downloaded app in the world for April.

April, 2020 downloads were 60x April, 2019 downloads.
May, 2020 downloads were 43x May, 2019 downloads.
June, 2020 downloads were 34x June, 2019 downloads.

For June, 71.2 million global downloads (vs 94.6 million downloads in May, and 131 million downloads in April).

June – 11.3 % (8 million) US downloads and 30.8% (21.9 million) India downloads
May – 17% (16 million) US downloads and 17% (16 million) India downloads
April – 14.3% (18.7 million) US downloads and 18.2% (23.8 million) India downloads

42.7 million unique US downloads in 3 months, which could be extrapolated to 13% of the US population (this number is likely inflated as many people would account for downloads on multiple devices – iphone and ipad, for example)

US downloads are decelerating significantly (50% decrease from May to June, likely some of this is related to market saturation), but India downloads are accelerating significantly (36.8% increase from May to June). Very exciting that Zoom is getting such significant user penetration into what is soon to be the world’s most populous nation.

May be OT for this board but for anyone long SE, May numbers for Shopee (their ecommerce app) showed it was the 2nd most downloaded shopping app in the world with 15.8 million installs, Brazil accounting for 21.3%.

I’m conflicted on this, as one key differentiator of SE is that they understand and operate in a market that is very hard to service (Southeast Asia). Part of me would rather see them continue to focus on being excellent in that geographic area, as opposed to going to war with Mercado Libre and other competitors in South America.