Zoom, new features and innovation

On a day the stock price is down around 8% at the time of writing, I decided to read up to see what Zoom has been up to in recent weeks.
I came across this blog from last week on their website:

This describes some new features:

Filters :sunglasses:
Lighting Adjustment :flashlight:
Emoji Reactions :tada:
Background noise suppression :headphones:
Slides as Virtual Background :chart_with_upwards_trend:

While none of this seems particularly ground-breaking in itself, in my opinion it highlights the need for Zoom to continually innovate, take on board customer feedback and improve its product as a ‘customer first’ service. That way it can maintain its advantage and be the product of choice.

Perhaps this is an example of them doing so - I personally like the slides as a virtual background feature, and can see that being a useful feature in presentations. And I could certainly recommend the noise suppression for some colleagues :slight_smile: I imagine these features will only be refined and improved over time.

Zoom is my top holding, because above all I believe in the future for the company and their part to play in the ‘work from home’ shift. In spite of this, I normally keep the video off on work calls myself. Features like this could encourage me to start using the actual video more (and perhaps there are many others out there who feel similarly).

Thought some might be interested in reading.


I mid-March, my part of the country went on “shelter in place”.
By April 1st, all of my community gatherings had gone on Zoom (except for my church services, which were already on Facebook Live).
I researched Zoom’s SEC reports.
I bought Zoom stock.
Up 110% as of today’s closing price.
They have a huge head of steam and will solve their security problems, incease usability, add features. Everyone describes their online meetings as “Zoom” meetings now. And the US is pivoting on meetings being held in these virtual conference rooms. It’s a wild ride, and I’m holding on.


Zoom is reaching the next generation…our grade school kids are are fully Zooming the start of school.

Starting young is the way!