Zoom, Slack & Pagerduty

This comes from the Investing Edge which is essentially a Podcast from Akram’s Razor, who posts a lot of things on seekingalpha, in addition to his own website.

I don’t always agree with him and Akram’s Razor sometimes even shorts companies that I own but he generally gives reasons that I think are legit. In other words, he often asks some legit questions about companies I either own or which I might be considering owning and he comes at angles that I never really thought about before.

This week’s podcast gets into Zoom, Slack, and PagerDuty’s earnings. Here are the topics on today’s podcast:

So the questions are: did the story change for these names? Why does the timing of the reports matter so much? And is the market right to be skeptical about Slack’s earnings especially, but also PagerDuty’s? Akram’s Razor, who continues to follow these names closely on his service, Razor’s Edge, has his take on the matter. And since I’ve dipped into the sector with PagerDuty and Dropbox (DBX) positions, I share what concerns or intrigues me. Click play above to listen.

Topics Covered

2:00 minute mark – Digging into Zoom’s guidance
6:00 – The timing of PagerDuty and Slack’s earnings (two days after Zoom’s).
8:00 – What about the expansion in large clients for Zoom and potential new verticals
13:30 – How did Zoom’s report affect PagerDuty/Slack’s reports
18:00 – Why isn’t guidance going higher for some of these SaaS names?
28:00 – The longer onboarding cycle for Slack/PagerDuty
33:00 – The convergence of the attention economy
36:00 – The Dropbox angle
42:00 – Ramping up of adoption curves
48:00 – Macro and sector context to keep in mind

Podcast: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4353061-how-zoom-messed-up-…