Zoom: Some Awesome News!

Would you like some awesomely good news about Zoom? Well here are the eight titles about Zoom on Seeking Alpha over the last three days (Monday, Tuesday, and today). Can you imagine a more bullish sign than unanimity on the short-side??? “Overvalued”!!! Since the articles were probably written on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, that probably explains why Zoom was up $15.60 today! :grinning:

Zoom: Don’t Expect Much Upside From Here

Zoom: Heading For A Post-Covid Decline

Zoom Bulls Rewarded By Earnings Shocker, But Metrics Are Unsustainable Moving Forward

Six Simple Reasons Why I’ll Be Shorting Zoom

Zoom Reports Huge Earnings, But Sustainability And Growth Post-Covid Are Questionable

Zoom: The Latest Dot-Com Stock

Has Zoom Stock Peaked?

What a great collection of headlines. Someone should frame them to play back a year from now.


And here was another, waiting in my inbox:

Zoom: Don’t Expect Much Upside From Here

Let’s see. Zoom was up 7.6% today. To put that in perspective, that’s equivalent more or less to the average whole year annual expectation of the S&P. But of course, as of right now, the S&P is still negative, while our overvalued stocks (which were considered overvalued at the BEGINNING of the year, are now up so much from there that it’s embarrassing to name a percentage figure!).




The sixth sign according to David Gardner is “Overvalued, According to the Media”

Thanks gaurav, actually David Gardner’s sixth sign of a RuleBreaker was “Grossly Overvalued According to the Media

We even have the grossly!



A little teaching.

I just realized that some newcomers to investing might not understand why eight out of eight articles on Zoom being negative would be such good news. Well think of it this way: if all eight were positive you might justifiably worry that there was too much euphoria, that there was no one left to buy, that it was in a bubble, etc. But when all the articles are negative, that means there’s no one left to sell. “Everyone” who was going to sell out because of taking profits, or “overvalued” has probably already done so. Thus there are a lot of people who are left out of the stock and who are there to change their minds and think “Maybe I was wrong and should get back in before it gets out of sight.” The famous saying is that the market climbs a wall of worry, and in this case it’s Zoom that is climbing a wall of worry.

Note that this is an entirely different picture than if the company had announced some very bad, game-changing bad, news and then sold off 20% or 25%, and this was followed by a series of negative articles. Then they’d be justified, and reacting to the bad news. But this company just announced the best quarter ever seen by humankind. Different picture altogether.

Hope that helps,



The “contrarian”, the anti-lemming theory. It actually fits in with Buffett’s ideology - Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

You may have missed the news about Zoom closing the account of a U.S. based group, because they held a Zoom meeting to discuss the Tiananmen massacre…


JasondinAlt1 says:

“ You may have missed the news about Zoom closing the account of a U.S. based group, because they held a Zoom meeting to discuss the Tiananmen massacre…”

Can you provide a link, please?



Thank you for the link, JanLi.

I’m an advocate for free speech, world wide.

It looks like Zoom is wary of local laws, like Apple and others doing business in China.

I guess the question is whether this meeting took place under the jurisdiction of Chinese laws. And who owns the ether?

Zoom says:
“When a meeting is held across different countries, the participants within those countries are required to comply with their respective local laws.

“We aim to limit the actions we take to those necessary to comply with local law and continuously review and improve our process on these matters.”

You may have missed the news about Zoom closing the account of a U.S. based group, because they held a Zoom meeting to discuss the Tiananmen massacre…

I missed the news. Free speech applies only to governments, not to private parties. Business has the right to protect itself from whatever treats they see to themselves. As a Zoom investor I’m OK with that.

Denny Schlesinger


My understanding is that the account is blocked in China in order to comply with local laws and not blocked internationally. This is absolutely normal practice for all US companies to comply with any local law in the countries they operate - be it China, India, Germany or Zimbabwe.



Today’s Blog post from Zoom explains the concern regarding these Chinese accounts and highlights the companies failure and what actions they plan on taking to improve their platform. Impressive how quickly they put a lid on these smouldering issues.


Zoom now my largest holding and plan to be long.