Zoom Unique Users for October


I received an update on my fidelity account that number of unique visitors surge year over year for Zoom, Microsoft Docusign and Ring Central in October per Goldman Sachs. Below are YOY unique visitor surge details and I hope below data helps in maintaining our conviction as earnings are coming up next week.

Up YoY Oct:
Zoom (682%)
Microsoft (143%)
Ring Central (71%)
Docusign (34%)

Down YoY Oct:
Dropbox (14%)
Slack (2%)

Source for Goldman for this data appears to be Comscore and Media Measurement.



Raj, thanks! What‘s happening with Slack though? Looks like MS Teams is eating its lunch

Any chance they mentioned the changes from the previous quarters? Or perhaps compared 2Q results yoy in the same way so we can extract the 2q to 3q changes?


I could not find any past details (YoY Unique visitor insights) on this, in my fidelity account.

I have listened to key note sessions w.r.t Zoomtopia and I am impressed with how quickly zoom is innovating. Those are available to watch and listen to at : https://www.zoomtopia.com/.

While Zoom appears to be left behind with respect to stock performance during last 2 months (after unbelievable run this year) as Covid recovery stocks are flying, data points indicate that zoom business is still booming at present.

One more data point that I came across is below. Below seems positive news as they are continuing to invest to scale and hopefully that means they already are confidant about solid numbers this quarter.

Aparna Bawa, Zoom COO, provided updates on two new regional data centres in Singapore and Osaka and a new technology centre in Bangalore. Bawa also discussed growing local currency and language support for India and Vietnam, and reviewed 12 strategic partnerships that have been developed in the region during the course of the last year, positioning APAC as a leader in the future of work.


I only post when I have valuable data point to share and so taking this opportunity to thank Saul and the rest of board members for all that you do. This board has changed my fortunes over the last 3 years.




Upon further digging, I found this July report from comscore that might be helpful:


I forgot to mention in my original post. All this data is for U.S only.

Key points:

  • Engagement graph in the above url provides high level insight into trends on what those visitor volumes looked like over the past year till May 2020.

  • Unique visitors for Zoom.us and Microsoft Teams, respectively, have increased by 813% and 943% in unique visitors year-over-year (May 2019 vs. May 2020).

  • Though Zoom and Microsoft Teams hold the deepest user penetration of collaboration platforms in the U.S., it is notable that there is room for many apps to co-exist in this space. In May 2020, 40% of Microsoft Teams users also used Zoom.us. This is likely because both platforms provide a distinct user experience leading to heavy cross-over between the two platforms.

  • Zoom tends to focus its product features on elevating the conference call and web conferencing experience, so users are more likely to take their communications on-the-go via their mobile apps – 70% of Zoom.us mobile usage coming from mobile-only users.

I won’t be making any serious decisions on these data points alone but data points help strengthen our conviction during turbulent times. Hope this helps.