Zoom vs. Slack - Akram's Razor

Tech investor, Akram’s Razor, interviewed on this podcast.

2:00 - Digging into Zoom’s guidance
6:00 – The timing of PagerDuty and Slack’s earnings (two days after Zoom’s).
8:00 – What about the expansion in large clients for Zoom and potential new
13:30 – How did Zoom’s report affect PagerDuty/Slack’s reports
18:00 – Why isn’t guidance going higher for some of these SaaS names?
28:00 – The longer onboarding cycle for Slack/PagerDuty
33:00 – The convergence of the attention economy
36:00 – The Dropbox angle
42:00 – Ramping up of adoption curves
48:00 – Macro and sector context to keep in mind



Well, for the record - this author Akram’s Razor was short ZM and long WORK before earnings as he “likes” so called “pair trades” - 1 long and 1 short. I think that we all have seen the results of such “pair trade”.



There is a lot of good analysis of SaaS companies on these podcasts.

The predictions have been hilariously bad though.

On a previous podcast the author said they were short SHOP at around 400.

Then another prediction that Slack would have great earnings and ZM would not. General idea was that ZM free users would not be pay and increase costs.