Zoom vs. WebEx in court

Have 2 WebEx hearings this morning in the same court. WebEx is awful. Persons having a hard time IT wise getting on. Audio quality lacking. Have not even tried documents yet. It is so bad that I am removing my motion today in one of the cases as it will take all day using WebEx, if even I can put it on in this system. Seems a waste of my client’s case, as it is a compelling case, and on WebEx I doubt I can put it on.

With Zoom I would have no problem at all putting this case on. Did a 2 day trial last week. My client cried on his direct (so emotional impact no different than being in person), and probably did my best cross examination ever (with a career of awesome such cross exams) using Zoom. Zoom requires you to focus more, and you have all the resources of your electronic documents on hand.

For anyone who says Zoom has competition…not from WebEx. Zoom makes the system work, WebEx makes it a large compromise.

Waiting for my cases to be called for today.



I will not ask that this anecdote be deleted, but please, no responses. And let’s remember to limit anecdotes! Tinker at least wrote a couple paragraphs with some thoughts, but let’s not pile on here. Just absorb what he said and leave it there.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your kindness in helping Saul by being a board manager.

I also very much appreciated your belated answer to one of my questions recently. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when someone I respect so very much as you responds.
I’m the first to admit that I need to spend more time composing my posts and it is clear that some of them are not appreciated via low number of Rec’s.

I believe that the Monday morning rules might better serve us all if added to the email is a requests that people not rec posts that are obviously not following the rules of the board.

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That was supposed to go out email. Sorry. And for the record, I absolutely love anything Timker adds here. Believe me I am in his debt for all his incredible work here over the years.




I’ve had no issue with WebEx or Teams, sorry for your troubles.

Apologies if the observation was outside the bounds. It was not an anecdotal description, but one from the real world comparing the utility of the tool relative to its competition. It is not just a one time thing and other people’s opinions can vary. Doing a hearing or trial is a complicated business. More complicated than running a call within an organization or sales team, or even running a classroom with it.

There simply is no way I could have done a 2 day trial with WebEx. Well, I take that back, maybe, if we added an extra day to the time limit. But that would have blunted out the utility of running a virtual trial so that it was as close to the real thing as you can get.

The difference between the two programs, in the context of a legal setting, is very profound. I believe that is very material as to why Zoom is Zoom. It is not simply arbitrary or a novelty as to why Zoom has taken the world by storm when other options like WebEx, that have been around for years, has not.

I have never used TEAMS, so I won’t comment on that. The court systems are not using TEAMS. I understand document control and display works quite well with TEAMS, so that may be a better option than WebEx if it were used.

But between Zoom and WebEX, it is night and day difference. Zoom enables more complicated proceedings to take place. WebEX is fine for simpler matters, but is clearly a limited solution in the context of a courtroom proceeding.

If that is simply an anecdotal observation, then please delete. I believe it is informative and on topic in regard to explain why Zoom is not simply fly by night on a momentum run that will be eaten by at least its competitor WebEX. That is something I very much wanted to know as a Zoom investor. In my mind it explains the CAP that so many had difficulty understanding.