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The reason I bring up this webcam article is because Eric Yuan initially wanted to sell only to the corporate world but I believe he is giving in to the retail tsunami that covid-19 unleashed.

This custom webcam system lets you take Zoom calls on your TV from your couch

Crestron, Zoom, and Logitech have teamed up on a new in-home conferencing system

Crestron, which offers services to help people customize their smart homes, has teamed up with Logitech and Zoom to make an at-home video conferencing setup using technology you’d typically find in an office conference room.

The setup could, for example, let you use your living room TV and a conference room-quality video camera to take Zoom meetings while reclining on your couch instead of being hunched over a laptop. That could be a much more comfortable way to take meetings or host group calls with family and friends while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


BTW, if someone buys this Crestron system, how likely is he/she/it to pay the Zoom fee?

Found at TMF’s Apple User’s Group board:

Using Zoom on your TV…

I hook my 2012 Mac book pro to my big screen to use zoom every week. It is our main tv and is bound to be over 8 years old. I use an HDMI cable and an adaptor to plug it into the laptop.

The limitation is that the camera and microphone are on the laptop, not the tv, so I need to stay in front of the laptop so I can talk and be seen. But I am always looking at the tv screen, I like the size. And zoom gives you the option of getting the audio output through the HDMI cable, so I hear through the TV speaker bar.

It only takes a minute to hook it up then discontent when done.


Link to the Macworld article:

How to use Zoom or FaceTime with an Apple TV (or any TV)


Denny Schlesinger


This is a great example of how the future is always undetermined and how companies may pivot in unforeseen ways, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks for sharing.

First, that system is $6,100! I imagine if you can afford that you can afford a zoom subscription.

As far as I know Zoom Rooms are $49/month/room and there is no free option (only a free trial. See: https://zoom.us/zoomrooms