ZoomInfo Acquires Insent

ZoomInfo Acquires Insent to Enable Businesses to Implement Chat at Scale

“Marketers spend enormous amounts of time, money, and effort to drive traffic to their websites, but only convert less than 2 percent of visitors into leads – an incredible inefficiency for teams,” said Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO. “The acquisition of Insent will combine chat with ZoomInfo’s dynamic IP-to-company graph and insights. Marketers will be able to instantly identify previously anonymous companies that are on their websites, route prospects to the right account owners, and arm them with ZoomInfo’s key intelligence about their buyers. As a result, they’ll initiate real-time conversations that can yield significant conversions.”




Thanks LarryD,

This looks like this could materially add to ZoomInfo’s expansion revenues and will be ‘up and working in the third quarter’!
Although the cost of the deal was not disclosed ZoomInfo CEO, Henry Schuck, stated in his blog that this deal will not effect materially ZoomInfo 2021 guidance.

I found a lot of newly updated information through the link you provided.

Specifically, it was nice to see ZoomInfo Recruiter up and running.

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“I’m finding more aligned candidates on here as opposed to LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruiter will pull in other folks that look like a fit… but on ZoomInfo Recruiter, I’m find a lot more of the specific roles I’m looking for.”
Alex Martinez
Amazon Recruiter