ZoomInfo University???

ZoomInfo University named Program of the Year by CustomerEducation.org. Customer Training and Onboarding Program takes First Place over list of competitive nominees.

ZoomInfo University has been named the Awesomeness in Customer Education (ACE) Awards Program of the Year by CustomerEducation a connection platform for customer education professionals.

Saul: I never knew that this even existed, but apparently they have training courses to help customers succeed at using their products.

“The expert panel of judges chose ZoomInfo as the winner for the 2021 ACE Program for their incredible feat of adding 150 courses, serving 100,000-plus users and 90,000-plus course completions.”


For more, here’s the link to the CustomerEducation.org awards ceremony: https://customereducation.org/#ace2021. The award ZoomInfo got is the last one and starts at minute 42.

The description of the awards in general (there are four categories, some of which are new this year) is at minute 11:26. The whole awards endeavor appears to be quite new. In the awards descriptions toward the beginning they mention that this year 4,000 votes were submitted when last year there were 27. Those 4,000 votes came from 600 people and 100 nominations were made across their four awards.

They list the number of nominees for the program award that ZI won as 25+

I tried to find something about ZoomInfo University on the ZI site but could not.

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