Zoomtopia - New Features Unveiled

At the Oct 2020 Zoomtopia event, Zoom unveiled a slew of new features that are available now and some, that will be available in the near future.

A few key features with some inline commentary:

AI-powered spam detection and blocking: Zoom Phone admins will be able to set a threshold for artificial intelligence-based identification of potential spam calls. The system can be configured to route spam calls to voicemail or block them automatically, helping to significantly filter out unwanted calls. This capability is planned for beta in November 2020 and general availability in early 2021.

<Great feature with huge business potential, as spam calls are annoying and in general a drain on productivity>

Making online events more engaging & customizable - Audience reactions: Empower your webinar attendees to share reactions in real-time. Reactions for Zoom Video Webinars give immediate feedback to the presenter and allow the audience to feel more engaged.

<At my work, my day is full of meetings. Being in virtual meetings all day long, can get mentally taxing, more so as feedback/echo channels are limited to voice and plain text. Audience reactions opens an additional channel that is easy to use and will make for a more exciting and engaging conversation>

Customized lobby: We will be adding customized lobbies to our existing branding functionality so you can deliver a consistent, branded experience for your customers, with a cohesive look and feel throughout every aspect of the experience — from pre-event emails, to the lobby, to in-event, as well as after the webinar.

<Extremely useful feature, especially for small businesses and for enterprises where they are hosting sales/marketing/presentation calls with external customers>

Recording Highlights: Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Zoom cloud recording will be able to extract key insights from your recording transcripts and make it easy to review the meeting highlights, without having to watch the entire recording.

<This is huge as companies all over the world, spend numerous hours summarizing, synthesizing, and aggregating the discussions. If a tool can intelligently create a 10-minute narrative of an hour long meeting by capturing the key highlights, it’s hard to emphasize the value and business potential of this feature>

Overall, the new set of features and broadening ecosystem, seem to be setting up Zoom as the first choice for a communication platform.

You can read more at - https://blog.zoom.us/ucaas-platform-whats-new-for-meetings-p…


At the Oct 2020 Zoomtopia event, Zoom unveiled a slew of new features that are available now and some, that will be available in the near future. A few key features with some inline commentary.

Thanks Roy, that was a useful and intelligent summary. If there are any more that you’d like to add, please do!



Roy , unlike some I have seen, those sound like really useful features, particularly the first and last bolded ones.
Zoom possibly becoming a real platform rather than just a nice tool is big for the company prospects.


Jensen Huang, CEO/Founder of NVDA interviewed by Zoom CEO/Founder Eric Huan at Zoomtopia was a bit of a yawn (they talked a lot about cooking for a strange amount of time)until minute 24 of 39 when they started discussing business priorities. https://2020.zoomtopia.com/vod-page/6OHK2Ydv

They don’t get technical about anything and it’s hard to tell what is seriously considered possible; but, I like that these two ‘talk everyday’ about how to get Holo-decks up and running as soon as possible?

It’s got me thinking bigger,


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